Keno Rules and Strategy

The rules of Keno are straight forward and follow those of the traditional lottery. Players simply choose the wager they are prepared to make and pick their numbers (also called spots).

Read on to find out more about Keno rules and strategy.

Players can choose any combination of numbers, up to 15 from the 80 available.

The Keno random number generator then selects the winning numbers. If the player has selected any of the winning numbers, he has won.

Keno payouts are based on how many numbers the player chooses and how many numbers are hit, multiplied by the proportion of the player’s original wager to the base rate of the pay table.

A Typical Keno Payout Table:

Number correctly predicted

Bet £1

Bet £2

Bet £3













So, for example, the payout for a £3 bet if you predicted 5 numbers correctly is £250.

The odds of winning in Keno:

1 selected number 3 to 1
2 selected numbers 15.63 to 1
3 selected numbers 71.07 to 1
4 selected numbers 325 to 1
5 selected numbers 1549 to 1
6 selected numbers 7752 to 1
7 selected numbers 40878 to 1
8 selected number 230,114 to 1
9 selected numbers 1,389,686 to 1
10 selected numbers 8,911,702 to 1

Keno Strategy

As Keno is a game of pure luck, there is not a lot of careful strategy involved. The outcome is all down to how many numbers you pick – and which numbers you pick. The result is completely random, so you cannot strategically pick any particular numbers to improve your chances of winning.

Of course, the more numbers you choose, the higher your winning chances. Your winnings are determined by your predictions. So if you pick only 4 numbers and they are all selected by the Keno machine, you will win more than if you had picked 8 numbers and 4 of those had come in.

The greatest possible amount you can win is usually 10,000 to 1 or 100% of the progressive jackpot. This is achieved by selecting 15 winning numbers.

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