Sic Bo Strategy

Sic Bo is a game of pure luck so there is no Sic Bo strategy to stick to (for example, like the blackjack strategy guide). However, some bets are much better value than others due to the fluctuating house edge.

For example, the highest house edge can be found by betting on a particular pair; other high house edges can be found on any triple and specific triples.

These bets do have the highest payouts so will be attractive if you are on a winning streak!

In conclusion, the house edge in Sic Bo varies enormously depending on the bet made – some bets on the Sic Bo table are truly awful wagers and should be avoided at all costs – unless you are feeling lucky!

Sic Bo House Edge

In order to boost your Sic Bo strategy, examine the house edge on the different bets in Sic Bo:

Single die bet: 7.8%

Two die combination: 16.6%

Total of all three dice: 9.7% to 47.2%

Any pair: 33.3%

Any triplet: 30.5%

A particular triplet/ three of a kind: 30%

Big and Small: 2.7%

The house edge is best for the player on the Big and Small bets. Although the player loses if a triple is rolled, this is still by far the best bet in a game of Sic Bo.

For the most useful Sic Bo strategy tip, choose the Big and Small bets.

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