blackjack-20-plus20+ Blackjack combines the classic card game of blackjack with an exciting new bonus feature giving you the chance to enjoy a lucrative side bet and increase your winnings by up to 25x.

With £1,350 available to win on every hand, you can play 20+ blackjack to beat the dealer to 21 – or get 20 or more to rake in the bonus rewards.

Play 20+ Blackjack on your Mobile

20+ Blackjack mobile game lets players enjoy a cash reward even when they don’t beat the dealer.

As long as you score a hand worth 20 you can take advantage of the 20+ bonus feature. Just make sure you place your side bet to activate the feature before you begin the hand.

To play you simply place your bet and receive your two card hand as with all mobile blackjack games. You can then decide whether to take more cards, stick, double or split.

Doubling and Splitting

You can only double or split on certain hands – beware though, if you do hit, split or double down you forfeit the 20+ bonus side bet.

As with all blackjack games, the basic aim is to get closer to 21 than the dealer, without going bust.

Play to basic blackjack strategy to find the best chance of winning with the bonus giving you another boost towards the big time.

On top of your bonus rewards, top blackjack players can enjoy a cool payout percentage of 99.80%.

20+ Blackjack Mobile Game Stats

Min bet: 0.50

Max bet: 50

RTP: 99.80%

Provider: IGT/Wagerworks

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