Types of Bingo Jackpot

Bingo games can have various different types of jackpots. The regular house bingo game has a jackpot determined by the number of players who enter and the ticket price. In contrast, guaranteed jackpots pay a certain prize irrespective of the number of players and progressive jackpots can keep on getting bigger the longer the game runs! Explore the different types of bingo jackpot below:

house jackpots - gardenHouse Jackpots

Regular jackpots of house jackpots are determined by the number of players in the bingo game and the price of the tickets. The more players who buy a ticket, the higher the jackpot – but you have more competition for the prize!

guaranteed jackpotGuaranteed Jackpots

Guaranteed jackpots are not dependent on the number of players who buy tickets to a game. The bingo site will pay the guaranteed jackpot no matter how many or how few players buy a ticket to the game.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are those jackpots that keep on getting bigger! The longer the game plays without a winner, the higher the jackpot climbs. If no one wins, the jackpot can roll over to the next game, creating some enormous prize pots!

community jackpot - concertCommunity Jackpots

Community jackpots are jackpots that pay more than just the winners. These jackpots can be split in equal or unequal amounts between different winners, including 1TG and 2TG and other players who bought tickets to the game.

chain linked jackpotsLinked Jackpots

Linked jackpots are jackpot prize pools available in linked bingo games. These jackpots are created by linking together multiple bingo games to create one huge JP across either the same site or different sites from the same provider.

sliding jackpot money ballSliding Jackpots

Sliding jackpots are jackpot prizes that start off at their highest and slowly start to slide down if no one wins the prize within a certain number of calls. The sooner you call ‘bingo’ in these exciting games, the bigger the prize!

Which types of bingo jackpots are the best?

There are many different types of bingo jackpot and the type you should play depends on your gaming preferences and your attitude to risk. The regular house jackpots are more varied and can pay high rewards compared with your bingo ticket price. The guaranteed jackpots are a safer bet if you want to know the exact prize you could win from the game.

Other types of bingo jackpots can offer other risks and rewards. For example, the progressive jackpots can reach enormous amounts but your chances of winning this might be quite small as many people will play these games. Similarly, the community jackpots offer good chances of winning but have many winners, so the prizes are smaller.

Whichever types of bingo jackpot you tend to play, it is a great idea to practice playing all the different games so you can work out which is your preferred style – and which types of bingo jackpots are your luckiest!