Types of Bingo Games

When you first get started in the world of online bingo, you might find it confusing to discover there are so many different types of bingo games. Which type of bingo should you choose? The answer depends on a number of factors and every bingo variety has its fans and enthusiasts.

The main two types of bingo games are 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo, but you can also find 80 ball, 50 ball and 30 ball bingo, along with various other niche varieties. Read on to find out more about the different types of bingo games and click on the ‘read more’ button to explore each type of bingo game in more depth.

90 ball bingo

90 ball bingo is the type of bingo that can be found at every online bingo site. This is the most commonly played bingo game in the UK. As the name suggests, 90 ball bingo games use 90 balls in total and the cards have 3 lines with 5 numbers in each line.

75 ball bingo

75 ball bingo is the most popular bingo game in the USA. In contrast to 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo does not contain lines of numbers on the bingo card – it uses patterns. 75 ball bingo games are played with 75 balls and a card with a 5×5 grid of numbers.

80 ball bingo

At larger online bingo sites you may find 80 ball bingo. This type of bingo combines the elements of 90 ball and 75 ball bingo together to create a new game. The 80 ball bingo game is similar to the 75 ball game but the numbers are laid out on a 4×4 grid.

50 ball bingo

Rarer still than 80 ball bingo is the newer 50 ball bingo game. This type of bingo game is played on a 2×5 grid and uses 50 balls. These 50 ball bingo games contain two prizes per game – one for a single line and the biggest prize for the Full House.

30 ball ‘speed’ bingo

In 30 ball speed bingo games, players use a 3×3 grid. These frantic games can be played in as little as 90 seconds and can have 3 winners.  One prize is awarded for 1 line, a second prize for 2 lines and the biggest prize for the Full House.

More Winners bingo

There is a different type of 75 ball bingo that gives away 5 prizes. This is sometimes called ‘More Winners’ bingo or simply ‘5 line’ bingo. In this game, you have a bingo card with a 5×5 grid of numbers but there is no blank square in the middle.

52-5 bingo

52-5 bingo is a new style of bingo that uses objects or playing cards instead of bingo balls. Roomies need to cover all 5 objects or playing cards to win the game. 52-5 bingo games only have one winner so the jackpots can be huge, while you can also get guaranteed and progressive jackpot games.

Guaranteed jackpot bingo

Guaranteed jackpots are those jackpot prizes that are guaranteed by the bingo site. Normally in a regular bingo game, the jackpot prize is created by the players buying into the game. So the more tickets that are sold, the bigger the jackpot.

Progressive bingo

Progressive bingo games have a jackpot that keeps on growing! The longer the game goes on for the bigger the progressive jackpot grows. If no one wins the prize within a certain number of calls, the jackpot will roll over into the next game.

Linked bingo

Linked bingo games have a jackpot that is created from multiple bingo games linked together. These could be games from the same site, owner or software provider. Because they are linked with other games, these linked jackpots can be enormous!

Exploring all the types of bingo

These are the main types of bingo games you are likely to find at online bingo sites. However, as the game of bingo grows in popularity, more and more types of bingo are being developed and it is quite possible that you could find other varieties out there. Some bingo sites even have their own unique games. Enjoy exploring all the types of bingo games to discover your favourite!

Which types of bingo are the most lucrative?

The types of bingo that will be the best choice for you depends on your bingo preferences. If you are a roomie who likes a slow, sociable game with lots of chat then classic 90 ball bingo might be the best bet. On the other hand, if you enjoy faster-paced games and like the chance to play lots of games in one session, 30 ball speed bingo might be the better choice.

One of the best aspects of playing bingo online is that it is so easy to play different types of bingo games. Many sites have lots of options so you can try them all out to find your favourite. Although some players have a firm favourite type of bingo game, many roomies enjoy playing many different types of bingo depending on their fancy that particular day. The choice is yours!