30 Ball ‘Speed’ Bingo

Another new type of bingo that has recently arrived at online bingo sites is 30 ball bingo, often called speed bingo.

This is a fast-paced game offering quick wins and is ideal for players looking to play a speedy game in between longer 90 ball sessions.

In 30 ball bingo games, players use a 3×3 grid. These frantic games can be played in as little as 90 seconds and can have 3 winners, just like in 90 ball bingo.

One prize is awarded for 1 line, a second prize for 2 lines and the biggest prize for the Full House.

How to play 30 ball speed bingo

30 ball bingo is like a condensed version of the more popular 75 ball bingo. This smaller game offers greater player involvement, fewer numbers and a hugely increased chance of hitting a win!

In 30 ball bingo, the bingo ticket has numbers from 1 to 30 spread out on a 3×3 grid with 3 rows and 3 columns. There are only 9 numbers on the bingo card and no free space in the middle.

Each column can only contain numbers from a certain number range:

The first column contains numbers 1-10
The second column contains numbers 11-20
The third column contains numbers 21-30

30 ball bingo is simple and much easier to get to grips with than the larger games of 90 ball bingo and some other varieties. This is why 30 ball bingo is ideal for beginners and also for advanced bingo players who want some light relief or a change of pace.

For players in a hurry, 30 ball bingo is a good alternative to speed bingo. Instead of the pace being determined by the speed of the calls, the 30 ball game is fast due to the reduction in available numbers.

The simplicity of play also makes 30 ball bingo games idea for mobile players.