Why Gamers Choose Real Money Casinos

New technologies transform everything and gambling is no exception. Brick-and-mortar casinos in Las Vegas or London attract old-fashioned players who enjoy the atmosphere and real-life experience. But as time goes, gambling websites become more popular thanks to user-friendliness.

Real money games explained

In a word, it’s all about deposits and withdrawals. To gamble in real-money casinos, a player has to transfer a specific amount of USD, EUR or any other supported currency to the house’s account. Money may then be converted into chips – tokens which allow participating in games. Finally, chips may be converted back into fiat, so the player can cash out.

Here’s a quick example to understand the topic better:

  • A gamer registers on a website and deposits $100. This figure is displayed in the player’s balance.
  • The gamer decides to play slots, so he pays $50 to buy tokens. Now he has $50 as the cash balance and $50 as chips for slots.
  • Some time later, the gamer doubles his tokens after several wins. Chips are worth $100 now.
  • The gamer is ready to cash out, so he converts chips back. The account displays $150 as cash: initial $50 + traded $100 from slots.
  • From this point, the gamer can withdraw all the money or buy tokens for another game.

You may say that the gaming process is too complicated with all those tokens and chips. But there’s a reason, – even several reasons!

Top reasons why people pick real-money gambling

Let’s highlight the main features of online casinos which offer real-money games in comparison with brick-and-mortar facilities.

  1. Potential profit

Of course, the basic reason for gambling is the winning possibility. All participants are greedy for gain. Earning is possible only when you play for real money because free or social casinos offer virtual currencies only.

Casino owners understand this winning mindset perfectly and play upon it. That’s why online and offline houses force visitors to buy chips and don’t allow playing for cash immediately. It’s all about psychology. People are more likely to spend more tokens because they aren’t associated with real money. Wagers increase, games continue, casinos get more profit.

  1. Various bonuses

Initially, bonus offers were introduced by land-based casinos to attract people and induce them to play more. Usually, such offers include free drinks. The more time and money a gambler spends, the better bonuses he receives: free apartments, transfers, VIP programs.

However, online real-money casinos provide more bonuses for regular users. Everybody can get them just by registering and playing. Examples are below:

  • Deposit offer. Websites may multiply initial deposits of new users. For instance, 100% deposit bonus means that for each $1 enrolled you will receive extra $1. As well, 50% bonus will bring extra $0.5 and 200% – extra $2.
  • No deposit offer. With this bonus, gamblers can start playing without depositing at all. Means, the casino awards “free” money or chips to newly registered users. There’s the catch, though – read more about rollovers below.
  • Free offer. A pretty interesting bonus which allows visitors to start gambling for free. Usually, offers include free spins – for slots – or free entries – for poker tables and tournaments. Auto spins are available for busy gamers, as well.

With bonuses, online players may increase profits even more. It’s only crucial to remember about limits and restrictions like rollovers. This means that gamers must wager more – about 25x or 50x of the bonus amount – before they can actually withdraw the deposit bonuses. Another limit is time-based – almost all free spins and entries will “burn out” within several days.

  1. True excitement

Let’s focus more on a human mindset. Playing for fiat is always risky unlike free or demo games. The ardor feels better in land-based casinos where other players watch for your mistakes and croupiers ask about new bets. Offline houses create a unique atmosphere for gamblers who realize – here big money comes.

Mobile and desktop apps are less exciting but they still provoke stronger emotions than freeplays. Gamers can feel the ardor thanks to faster and smoother interface, colorful ads, promo campaigns.

Alternatives to real-money gambling

On a par with real-money games, there’s social gambling. It provides for playing without fiat currencies involved, but for virtual chips only. Put simply, social casinos are similar to online free-to-play projects – gamblers don’t have to transfer any funds. However, some websites of this kind allow players spending cash for extra bonuses or chips.

Another alternative is demo-accounts within real-money casinos. They are the same as regular social accounts because users play for chips which can’t be converted into cash. Demo-players may switch to fully functional accounts, though. Free games are considered as a useful practice before diving into serious business.

There are also combined websites which offer both social gambling for free and real-money games. According to Newzoo’s annual research, 58% of social gamblers play for real money. The percentage is higher – 81% – for those who invest in extra options via social casinos. It’s clear that real money motivates gamblers. But, it’s important to remember about responsible gambling, especially when it comes to big bets.