Pocket Fruity has joined forces with Electrocoin to bring the classic Bar X Diamond 7 slot game to mobile fans.

This is an exclusive game to Pocket Fruity and the second Bar X title to wing its way to mobile slots fans.

This new addition brings another fresh feature, the Diamond 7 of the title, which serves to offer more lucrative payouts for the luckiest spinners trying their luck on this retro style slot.

Bar X Diamond 7 at Pocket Fruity Mobile Casino

Bar X Diamond 7 slot has taken it right back to basics with 3 reels and 1 payline, so mobile slots fans can enjoy a real one-armed bandit from the old school.

Take yourself back to the early casino days when there were only a few slots games and they all had that undeniable thrill as you pressed the buttons and the reels spun round – all the time waiting for the coins to drop to signify a big win!

3 reel slot games are especially good to play on your mobile phone or tablet because the smaller screen enables 3 reels to be seen clearly and brings you that bit closer to the action.

All the original bleeping, whizzing and dinging sound effects are here too for a nostalgic trip down arcade machine memory lane!

Bar X is a classic slot title, and now with Diamond 7 it’s even more fun. All the old classic features are here, such as nudges, holds, holds after nudges, and 3 in a row.

There is even a nudge preview – for those who like to cheat a little bit 😉 – and a few other special features we don’t want to reveal to spoil the fun of discovering the eccentricities of a brand new slot game!

Check out Bar X Diamond 7 slot game at Pocket Fruity today.



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