Scratch n Score ScratchcardScratch n Score scratchcard is a football themed scratchcard game available to play on your mobile or tablet. This is a super fun instant game with a football theme – just choose your shot and see if you hit the back of the net. All the symbols have a multiplier reward and 3 matching symbols will give you a cash prize. There is 50x your bet available for the best strike!

There are a number of football themed symbols in Scratch n Score scratchcard. Match up the football boots, football shirts, golden footballs, referee whistles and golden trophies to strike a win.

Each of the symbols has a multiplier prize. The football shirt has a 1x multiplier, the football boot has a 2x, the ref’s whistle has 5x, the white football has 10x and the gold football has a huge 20x multiplier award. You win your bet x the multiplier when 3 of these symbols match on your card.

The golden trophy – the Championship Cup – is the best symbol in the Scratch n Score scratchcard game. Spin 3 golden trophies to net the top score of 50x your bet!

Scratch n Score mobile scratchcard

Scratch n Score ScreenshotMobile scratchcards are just like the real life scratchcards. Simply scratch the panels to reveal your rewards. when playing on your mobile, just press the button to scratch or ‘reveal’ the prize. You can scratch one at a time for a slow footy game or hit to reveal all in one foul (haha) swoop – whatever style of play takes your fancy.

Top scratchcard strikers will love Scratch n Score scratchcard – it’s a real footy treasure. There aren’t that many football-themed slots and instant games about, so this is a great find. Plus, it’s so simple and fast to play you can easily get a few matches in wherever you are.

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