Mobile Blackjack vs Casino Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game classic and it is easy to see why blackjack is one of the most popular games at mobile casinos today. When playing mobile blackjack, the choices you make in the game as a player affect the outcome of the game in a way that is unlike most other casino games. This is because blackjack on your mobile is about more than luck – indeed, with practice you can become so good that the house edge is reduced to almost negligible levels.

But should you play mobile blackjack or casino blackjack in a bricks and mortar casino? There are many similarities but also many differences. Read on to discover the best blackjack style for you.

Mobile Blackjack or Casino Blackjack

Land-based blackjack, online blackjack and mobile blackjack are all exciting games but they have some very different qualities. In the land-based game, there are other players sitting with you. This can change concentration levels and create tension, or it can spur you on with the spirit of ‘players against the dealer’!

Some players become stressed at the idea of a new player taking a card when the strategy card says he shouldn’t. Certainly the cards are now moved out of the order they would have been dealt had he played ‘properly’, but the odds are still the same. You always have the same chances of winning and losing, no matter what the other players do.

So when asking whether to play mobile blackjack or casino blackjack, you need to think about other players and if their interference/ style of play/ lack of strategy might annoy you.

Play at your own pace

When playing blackjack on your mobile phone, there are no such issues – and the game can also run at the pace you desire. There is no need to wait for the shuffle. When you play at a mobile casino, you can also enjoy playing other games at the same time to increase your enjoyment and get wins on multiple games.

This is great to know when there are so many exciting games to try at mobile casinos, such as mobile slot games, mobile roulette, mobile video poker, and various other poker games – there is plenty to choose from for card game fans.

So, mobile blackjack or casino blackjack? For players looking for the social buzz of a casino, land-based ticks the boxes. For those looking for hassle free play, mobile or online play fits the bill. For discretion and privacy in addition to relaxation, mobile blackjack is the perfect choice.

Mobile Blackjack is Perfect For New Players

New players to blackjack may find playing at an mobile casino or an online casino more comfortable, at least to begin with. There is no chance to become intimidated by the dealers, players, or table etiquette. Playing blackjack online is also a great option if you wish to try out a new blackjack strategy or hone your skills further away from the live casinos.

You can also play for fun, using play money, if you want to practice before trying the game out with real money. Mobile blackjack is the most discreet way to play too, as the blackjack game fits neatly into your pocket.

The rules of blackjack are pretty much the same at mobile casinos and live casinos, but it is always advisable to check out the finer details, such as whether the dealer is allowed to hit on soft 17, or when you allowed to double on any combination of cards, if you can ‘surrender’, etc.

Online Blackjack Promotions

One of the most important advantages to playing mobile blackjack and online blackjack is that many online casinos offer special bonuses and promotions for blackjack players. They can also offer interesting side bets, which you just do not get in land-based casinos due to more rigid rules and lack of technical options.

Online casinos have the luxury of creating their own software and linking games with others, combining promotions and bets and designing their own innovative blackjack games which can offer significantly better winning chances than land-based casinos.

In addition, mobile blackjack players can enjoy promotions exclusive to them, giving mobile player an advantage over regular online players. So for these reasons, when asking mobile blackjack or casino blackjack, it might be safer to play mobile blackjack in order to take advantage of the exclusive blackjack promotions.

Blackjack House Edge

Blackjack is set to continue to be one of the most popular games at mobile casinos because not only is it a fun and challenging game, it also offers one of the lowest house edges if played properly.

Playing blackjack on your mobile with perfect blackjack strategy means that the house edge is reduced to less than 1% and even as low as 0.05%. In this case, asking whether you should play mobile blackjack or casino blackjack makes no difference because your edge is the same. You advantage depends on how well you stick to the basic strategy.


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