Online Casinos vs Land-Based Casinos

Since the birth of online casinos in 1996 they have grown in popularity at a phenomenal rate. There are thousands of online casinos with a combined estimated market value of £26,570,000,000. As the global internet population continues to grow, online gambling is spreading across the world throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.

It is safe to assume that the value of the market will continue to rise, but this begs the question: why are people gambling online rather that at a bricks and mortar casino?

Both online and traditional casinos have their advantages, however, online gaming boasts greater flexibility, which has resulted in its rapid growth, popularity and success. Below are just a few of the upsides to gambling online:

Anywhere at anytime

One of the major advantages for online casinos over land-based casino is the fact that online casinos are available to be played anywhere at any time. Whether you want to play at 3.00 a.m. or 3.00 p.m., from the comfort of your home, or from a camping tent, online casinos can be accessed from any device with an internet connection anytime of the day or night. 

Real money

Online gamblers play with real money, and as a result they are more aware of how much they spend as opposed to playing with multi-coloured chips at land-based casinos, which don’t have as much of an immediate value associated with them. Online casinos display the exact amount of money in a player’s account which helps to ensure they don’t lose track of what they are spending.

Free chips and bonuses

In an effort to attract players, online casinos often offer free chips to play with. Bonuses can range from £5 to £100s of pounds. Offering potential players free no-deposit or match-play casino bonuses presents a huge incentive to register and get playing with your free money.

Player support

Online casinos usually offer better customer service and are often easily contacted via telephone, live chat and email. In addition to this, many provide detailed instructions on how to play each game, whereas a land-based casino does not typically provide instructions.

Food, drinks and smoking

An online casino player doesn’t have to worry about what they can eat or drink during a game. This means you can play with greasy fingers and a bottle of whisky without any objections from the casino! Alongside this, you are able to smoke if you so wish, whereas in a traditional casino this is now prohibited.


Playing from the comfort of your home allows people to enjoy the games without having to worry about video footage or what others are doing. In addition to this it allows you to play without the knowledge of any other person who is not a casino employee.

Relaxed atmosphere

An online gambling is definitely much more relaxed with fewer time limits and less pressure. It allows you to play the games at your own pace without worrying about the dealer or other players at a land-based casino rushing you along.

Equal treatment

Whether you’re a big star or a regular punter, male or female, young or old, online casinos do not discriminate against players. Every player is valued and treated equally whether you gamble thousands or just have a punt with £5. It would be difficult to imagine a Hollywood celebrity and the average Joe receiving the same treatment from a traditional casino.

Better pay-outs

Finally, online casinos don’t need to employ staff, own a physical casino, manage a bar/restaurant, hire security, etc. As a result they usually have much lower overhead costs resulting in better pay-outs than land-based casinos.

At the end of the day, whether you choose to play at an online casino or traditional casino is down to personal preference. Some like the privacy and relaxed atmosphere of their own home while others prefer the glitz and glamour of a land-based casino. If you’ve never tried online casinos it is definitely worth a shot, you can try online casino games at Pocket Fruity and decide for yourself whether you prefer the real thing or the online version.

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