Online Roulette vs Live Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world and players have being trying their luck against the wheel for over 200 years. There are lots of differences between paying roulette at a live casino and playing online roulette or mobile roulette – but which version has the most advantages for the player? Read our guide to online roulette vs live roulette and decide for yourself.

Differences Between Online Roulette and Live Roulette

In a land-based casino you will often get a buzzing atmosphere around a busy roulette table, as players jostle for a good position, reaching across the layout to place bets and calling to the dealer. The dealer’s commentary adds to the fun and the noise of the chipping machine and other gaming action at the casino all add up to make an adrenaline–rich gaming experience.

These visual and audio elements are missing from roulette games at an online casino and a mobile casino, so how can online gaming beat live casino action for the player? The debate ‘online roulette vs live roulette’ continues…

Playing roulette online

There are a number of ways in which online roulette can be more enjoyable than live roulette. The first is that at a live casino the roulette table vibe can sometimes feel intimidating for the new player, especially if there are lots of experienced players pushing to get to the front to throw the dealer a bet or reach across the layout.

Online roulette vs live roulette: in terms of hassle, there is no contest. Online, there is no crowd to get in the way. You simply place your bets how and when you like. This makes for a more relaxing gaming experience and can be especially helpful for the newbie.

When playing roulette on your mobile, it is even better as you can take your game wherever you want. You can play roulette on your mobile sitting on the bus, in a queue, waiting at a restaurant, in bed, at work – wherever you like.

For players who know exactly which bets they want to place, a faster pace of roulette game can also be achieved at an online casino. This can make for a more enjoyable experience if you don’t require much thinking time. There is also no need to wait for your money once your bet has won – or risk the dealer making a mistake and short changing you! In short, the gaming action is faster, smoother and more risk-free at an online casino.

Placing Roulette Bets Online

Advantages of online over live gaming in roulette can also be found in the playing action itself. If you like to take advantage of the more advanced betting options offered in roulette, playing at a land-based casino requires players to call some of their bets to the dealer as a ‘call bet’.

More complex bets like neighbours bets and French bets must be passed over in chips or money and then the dealer will place your bet on their racetrack. This adds an element of risk in the communication required to ask for your bet, especially if the roulette table is busy and noisy.

Of course, if you know exactly which numbers your bet covers and can find them on the layout, then you can place your bet yourself on the individual numbers, however most players prefer to play these bets as call bets.

Online, these call bets can be placed by the simply click of a button – so you can be sure your bet has been understood and placed correctly when playing online or on your mobile. In this instance of ‘online roulette vs live roulette’ – online roulette wins.

Online Roulette vs Live Roulette

Much of the decision whether to play online or live roulette depends on individual style of play and personality. Is the buzz of the live casino more important to you than the peace of being able to place all your bets comfortably? Do you want to be able to see the ball spinning in the wheel for real? Can live dealer roulette replace being there at a bricks and mortar casino? Is it even better?

Let us know! Online roulette vs live roulette: which do you prefer?


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